Cartridge dispense error

I just started up my first print with a new form 3 and a new everything using Clear V4. When I started the print it kept on saying cartridge dispense error, I got past this by clicking retry and that fixed it every time but it’s annoying how I need to go click a button on my printer every 30 minutes. I checked the support page and I check everything on there, my printer’s firmware is up to date, the vent cap is open, checked it, and loosened the vent cap. How do i prevent this happening in the future?

I, too, have to do this on many prints. Especially when changing tanks but also after larger prints, the dispensing part of the print errors out every 15-30 mins until enough resin is dispensed.
This is very annoying and disruptive to the workflow. I am curious how this can be resolved.

would be nice to hear from formlabs on this…l

Agreed. I’m hearing that this is a known and big issue, so I’m sure that there are other posts on it. I just haven’t found them as of yet…