Got my Form Cure (EU), so far so good

Must say i’m impressed, after Form Wash.

It seems way better built, fit and finish-wise. Even the knob rotary encoder is smoother and feels nicer. The brick that powers it is an absolute monster, clocking in at 24V/6A, i.e. 144W output. Makes sense, since the heater is 100W, and the LEDs are nothing to sneeze at either.

Some interesting tidbits i’ve noticed:

  • if you pause, open the lid, then close the lid, it will auto-continue on closing - no need to press anything
  • there’s some white LEDs in the “ceiling” LED assembly, that provide lighting when the lid is open
  • the white LEDs come on when you open the lid automatically, and go off when you close it, but also, come on before you open the lid, when a cycle is finished or you pause it (i.e. when opening the lid is the logical next step) - i thought that was a nice touch of UX design
  • there’s a total of 4 LED assemblies - two in the sides, one in the bottom, that shines through the holes in the rotating platter, and one in the “ceiling”
  • there’s a tiny exhaust fan in the rear, that cools the electronics - it comes on during the cycle and is pretty much the only thing you hear when the heater is not on - it’s about as loud as a Wash impeller, but slightly higher in pitch
  • the knob is, as i’ve mentioned, better than on Wash - it turns easier and more freely - it’s super easy and quick to flick it all the way to OFF in the heater temperature menu, for example
  • the inside of Cure stinks a little - likely the heater burning in

Pro tip: apart from letting the UV light in from below, the holes in the platter also serve nicely as a way to anchor very tall / unstable parts with cable ties, so they don’t topple during a cure.

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Sleep still not working, though.
Was kinda hoping that maybe units shipping regularly now will include a firmware fix, but nope.

So still waiting on that.


Courious detail…

Unlike Wash, which has a SN prefixed with “Wash-”, the Cure SN doesn’t have a prefix.
Not sure if it’s an oversight when printing the back panel stickers, or intentional (I assumed it’d have a “Cure-” prefix).

Sorry to bother with an odd request, but…
@Frew Is there a video somewhere showing normal sound the Form Cure makes when the heater is on? My Cure vibrates when the heater is on (and the cover resonates sometimes, depending on how it sits when closed). Trying to gauge if that’s normal, or if something (the blower fan) is out of balance.

I’ll make one for you later today. Subjectively, there’s a bit of a hum to the Form Cure when it’s active, but it’s not so significant as to cause resonance in the cover.

Here’s mine:

Pardon the: accent, mumbling, dust, mess, and other assorted things.


I didn’t think a vacuum was included in the BOM for Form Cure… Unless I’m hearing the video audio incorrectly, that sounds a fair bit louder than the Form Cures we use here. I’d get in touch with our support team so that we can troubleshoot this with you.

Submitted a support request.

It’s not super loud, but it does exhibit some vibration, as i’ve said, and the character and volume change with RPM (loudest in the middle of the range). My guess is the fan might be slightly misbalanced. If it was something serious, like a bad bearing, it’d probably be super noisy.

Interesting thing i’ve noticed…

The display does actually go to sleep.
But only when the cover is open.

I guess someone accidentally an AND instead of OR somewhere :smile:


Felt around the heater enclosure with my fingers…

Then fan is pretty small and feels like an impeller-type design (deep, highly angled blades).
The whole duct is cushioned with foam from the inside, and the fan seems to be suspended, likely with a rubberized mount or grommits. Odd that it still manages to transfer vibration to the rest of the case.

Felt two wires coming from the fan, and the motor spins freely, so likely DC motor, PWM speed regulation, open loop. Couldn’t feel a connector - too bad, would’ve made replacing a fan easy when servicing. Especially important if it’s a DC brushed motor.