Found a seperate laser

I found this lasers which can be purchased seperatly for a form1 clone printer I think. If one of you would like to give it a try ans test this lasers please let us know if it has worked well :wink:

Yeah, I’m not sure anyone wants to spend $250 just to try this. And the low cost laser below is not going to work as you see it there, besides it’s too low powered.

What goes bad on the Form 1/1+ laser is the diode itself, which if you could replace, and keep the rest of the electronics, you’d be in business. But the problem is that most Form 1+ have a sealed laser housing.

I’ve had 2 Form1+ printers. The first, had a laser housing that was not epoxied, and could be disassembled. On that you would simply de-solder the old diode and replace it with a new diode like a Nichia PHR805T 405nm 120mW TO18. However, the second (and current) printer has the sealed laser housing. So unless we can find a way to get it open, I’m not sure how we’ll replace the diode.

But I’m not about to try and crack open my laser housing just yet, at least not until I have to.

Thanks for your reply! I agree 250$ only for testing is a no go. I remember a time when formlabs discussed questions like this openly with us and were very helpful. Its a shame how their support has changed.

I still hope someone likes to try it instead of paying 800+ for repairs or getting convinced of just buying a form2 anyway.

If the laser is sealed with a resin we just have to find out which solvent we need to make it soft. then you can peel it off.

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