Forums spam help!


After I purchased my printer, resins and signed up for an account.

My email is being SPAMMED to HECK and back by forum posts, forum topic updates, new topic updates, responses to posts, etc.

Why this is set to default is beyond me, I’ve tried to reconfigure my settings for my account to no avail.

I have spam production on my email, but it takes a bazooka approach to spam and I don’t want to block all formlabs emails.

Can someone remove me from all forums postings? or at least show me EXACTLY where I can do this?

The web design here isn’t the best to begin with [Whoever decided that the PHONE NUMBER FOR SALES should be on a POP UP is brilliant.]

You should be able to turn off the email notifications under your profile preferences.
All your user information is kept private unlike Adobe that failed to take proper security precautions and got hacked.

I don’t see what Adobe has to do with this.

It looks like the problem was the watcher list was sending me emails on forum posts regardless if I have send updates to me turned on or off. I removed all forums from that list and hopefully that will stop the spam.

It should be blank on default IMO.

Click your own icon at upper right, select the gear (Preferences), uncheck anything in “Email”, “Activity Summary”, and “Mailing List Mode”. Also disable “Desktop Notifications” to reduce pop-ups. Next, scroll down and make sure there are no entries in “Categories” - well, except for “Muted” I guess…

I’m a bit surprised any of this is “On” by default, I don’t think it was for me (Windows 8.1 Chrome)

Sorry about all the emails! I’ll take a look at the defaults to make sure they’re appropriate.

You can update your preferences by clicking on your user icon -> preferences and scroll down a bit to the email section. Also keep in mind that individual threads can be tracked if you want to opt out of emails generally but follow specific threads.

I’m all good now. Now I just get emails if someone is replying to me directly which is what I wanted.

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