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Has the situation from the previous thread evolved any further? I’ve observed a similar issue with the Glowforge forum, which appears to use the same software. I’ve started getting a flood of emails, one for every post, despite setting my preferences otherwise. The two things in common with this issue, is the forum software and me.

In their last post, @Stephen of Formlabs asked that each use experiencing this issue send a request directly to Support - is that still the recommended path, or did somebody discover an issue with the way the forum software is behaving?

Yes, if you could please forward us an example of an email that you didn’t expect to receive, that would be the best starting place. We’d like to look into the extra emails and haven’t determined any issues with the forum software so far, so an example from you would be super valuable. Thank you for letting us know.

My first post was a few days ago, been getting a email for every post in every category made on the forum ever since.


just for the heck of it I went to user options to turn it on, so I could turn it off… it is stuck ON cannot be turned off, trying to uncheck it, just asks yes or no to enable it, and it stays enabled.

Preferences/Categories/Watched, Tracked, have tried removing all these, will see if it takes.

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@Stephen, exactly what email address should we forward email notifications we weren’t expecting to receive?

Please forward to support@formlabs.com and we’ll investigate the extra emails. Whenever you have other questions or want to send attachments, you can also use our contact form to get in touch. Thank you!

If you find you are receiving too many notifications, please check your Category notifications under the Preferences in your account, from Formlabs Community ForumUSERNAME/preferences. Replace /USERNAME/ with your /username/.

  1. Open the settings of your account.

  2. Select the Preferences tab.

  3. Under “Categories,” choose which topics you watch, track, and mute. Leave all fields blank to receive no notifications.

Thanks! I think this is exactly what you needed to do, so please let us know if these changes don’t reduce the volume of notifications.

OK, so important tip here, and @Stephen please confirm if I got this right:

The “Email” section in the preferences is not all-inclusive, meaning settings in other sections, such as “Categories” can trigger email notifications independently of the settings in the “Email” section.

Yes, it seems that you’re definitely correct @gdmccormack. It’s certainly intuitive that the Email section would cover all emails, but some notifications are generated based on preferences set in the Categories part of Preferences. This is confusing, and hopefully something the system designers can improve.

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