Formlabs forum issue

I noticed a small bug with your forum software. I usually use the Latest | Top | New | Unread menu at the top of the forum. I noticed whenever I click on the link, say New, the list of actual new posts doesn’t match up to what was listed at the top. In fact I believe it is always -1

For example In the above image if I were to click on New (1) my resulting page would have no new posts. If i were to click on Unread (3) the resulting page would have 2 posts.

Of course a very minor bug, just thought I’d point it out. Oh and I’m on Win 10, Firefox 49.0.1

  • Kevin

Try Chrome or Internet Exploder vs . FF and see if it behaves differently. I use Chrome and it doesn’t exhibit this behavior…

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Weird, works fine in Chrome…but, but, my Firefox!

There, there… you can still use it for other stuff. All is not lost! :slight_smile: