Forum ideas - any updates?

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@Sam_Jacoby, just wondering how this is coming along. Are you worknig on the improvements? I believe there are a few great ideas which can add value for both the Formlabs team as the community. Perhaps some people who haven’t read the tread have some more ideas as well :smile:
It would be nice to see some features added eventually.




The on line forum works fine for me

**. Now if only FL could implement our suggestions!

cheaper goop prices
minimize raft option.

Good enough for now.

@Alex_Vermeer — one of the big things we did was move to a new version of the software. That gave us a number of bells & whistles that we’re still learning about.

I know there has been some discussion, also, of adding some multi-lingual forum categories, but we’re not sure how useful those would be.

Good to know @Bill_Lane! We’ll see about those — I know some work has been done on the raft, but I’m not sure of the exact timetable at this point.

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