New forums growing on me - but one request - increase thread count on home page

I think we all agreed the previous forums website was a bit rubbish, and initially I didn’t like the new one either, but that was mainly an aesthetic reaction, functionally I’m starting to quite like the new forums.

The thread contributor icons against each thread is actually making me think I should set one - and I just noticed one feature that I especially like - the notifications dropbox selection at the bottom of each thread - being able to control email notifications on whether anyone posts, just if your name is mentioned, or switch them off, is pretty cool.

However - one functional aspect that really bugs me about the current forums is how few threads are shown on the forum home page - just 15. We must be long past the days of VGA/ XGA monitor resolutions being a consideration for website layout, 1080p is pretty much the minimum - even on phones and tablets.

So, I’m assuming the count of the most recent threads per category - shown on the forum homepage, is configurable?

Would Formlabs consider increasing it? eg to 5 or 6?

Hmmm, there are a number of settings. I’ll take a look!


@Sam_Jacoby did you get a chance to look at this?

Ah, sorry I missed your message @KevinHolmes. I did poke around, and thought I didn’t find anything—but I took another look and believe I just did. The category view should now show six entries per.

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Nice one!

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