New Forum Software Ideas?

We’re start to (finally) make some long-overdue moves to overhaul our forum software, and I thought I’d ask you guys if you had any specific features that you’d really like to see as we build our community here? We’re of course, hoping to have all of the regular bells-and-whistles, but it’d be great to hear your ideas about what’s important.

To be able to go to message we didn’t read yet…

searching by keywords with AND + OR operators, also by date and by user

editing your own posts to correct sp. grammar etc…


I think a phpbb based forum would be a good solution. Allows creation of categories and sub-forums, and everything would be neater.

I think a forum where form labs is more involved, and would keep us in the loop regarding new features they are working on, new resins, etc. would be the best feature.

Point taken, Monger. We’re trying to do a better job of keeping you guys informed. Things like an R&D schedule are really tough to know – it’s hard to give any answer other than, “it’ll be ready when it’s ready.” Of course, it’s great to know what you care about and what’s important to Form 1 owners out there.

I know you guys are doing your best, Sam. We appreciate it, but at the same time need more, because I don’t think I’m the only one here who thinks that the Form1 is not a finished machine yet that’s ready for a click and print usability. So we are trying to be helpful, but also want you guys to be involved more in the forum and to give us more info on what you are doing to make it better.

For example, we don’t necessarily need to hear… “The castable resin will be release on January 1st!”  <<—sorry that topic is close to my heart lol

But it would be nice to hear… “We are working on the castable resin… here are some sample prints and castings of what we got so far. What do you guys think? We are on track to release it by the end of next month if all goes well. We will let you know if delays pop up.”

+1 with Monger Design :slight_smile:

About forum features, being able to see larger images, editing existing messages and image attachments, having a personal signature, being able to quote. All of that is in most forum software anyway :slight_smile:

Perhaps having a .Form file repository, then a way to upload form1 files ready to be printed? then it must manage large files (zip files ?)

One thing you should fix is threading for the e-mails that the forum sends.

I read the forum posts in my e-mail client (Apple Mail). To do that, I subscribed to all four toplevel forums that you offer.

Unfortunately, in my e-mail client (Apple Mail), I get one thread per forum, instead of one thread per discussion, that makes it inefficient to read the updates, especially when I want to skip an entire thread where somebody whines about shipping times, so I can quickly get to the next bit of useful information.

It would be great if you could fix this in next forum software. You can control this on your side with the header fields in the e-mail messages that your forum software generates and sends. for the implementation details, check out the sections “In-Reply-To” and “References” on this page:

I second the comment about phpBB.  That or something like it.

Sort posts by time not votes - or at least allow individual users to set their default sorting method.

+2 with Monger Design

Well … anything would prove more efficient than this form of pseudo-forum.

Could it be an idea to have two distinct channels of informations … I mean a repository like a wikiform1 (there’s already an initiative) f.i. and a proper forum where users can express their ideas/questions/fears.
Wiki’s would be more focused on FormLab-to-users infos … how-to’s, best practicte, etc…
Forum would be more directed toward users base experience exchange, discussions and so on …

just an idea :smiley:

I would really like to be able to click on a someone’s username and see any posts or comments by them (reddit style). People mention something else they’ve posted all the time and it’s very difficult to track down the original thread.

I would like forum threads to allow me to choose by default to show most recent instead of having to go into a thread section and manual click on the recent tab instead of it filtering by default by most asked. I think if a thread is popular it will stay at the top of recent anyways since it will continuously get more replies anyway.

Also it would be cool if you guys install the html code so this forum can be added to the Tapatalk app. I have a few other forums I frequently visit that have the tapatalk code installed and it’s great for people who visit forums on smart phones.

add my vote for a phpBB EIEIO type forums. Easy to navigate and pretty universal at this point.


  • Doesn’t require logging in every time I visit the forum
  • Doesn’t send me back to the home page on login
  • Posts descending so you don’t need to navigate to the thread to the latest post
  • Edit posts

Suggest a Feature thread

Planned | Done | Not planned = No Topic Found

There are a lot of suggestions there, just wondering if our feedback/suggestions have been heard?

As you all may have noticed, we have made the jump to a much more robust forum software! We’ve tried to incorporate as many requested features as possible.

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Very nice, is it Discourse-based?

I am very happy that the e-mail notifications finally have proper per-topic threading headers.

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