Additions to the Store and FormLabs

It would be nice if you expanded the store to include maybe the following.

Existing Products:

Larger Resin Options or bulk purchasing options.

Finishing Kits and individual components. I like how it is designed to all fit and work together but things get nasty after awhile and tossing them out and starting fresh would be nice.

New Products:

Industrial Finishing Station - Stainless steel tubs - (ultra sonic?) with valves on the bottom for transferring to our IPA waste barrels and a UV Cure Finish Cure light.

Industrial Grade Production Level 3D printer. Maybe increase the size a little (10"x10"x10", autofill trays etc?) Something that can run nonstop for years. We run our printer almost every day and I am just not sure how long it is going to last. From a ROI standpoint it has probably already paid for itself but having a little nicer heavier duty option would be nice.

Ultrahigh Temp Material - Ultem equivalent material.

If someone knows where formlabs buys the tubs with the snap covers let me know I wouldn’t mind having another set.


I’d like some of that stuff to be made available also and also the new resin tank covers,
I have several older version tanks that I would very much like covers for!

How about dust covers for the Form1?
General consumables such as gloves, spare scrapers, strainers etc. Nice to be able to shop at one place for much of this stuff.