Abandoned Cart spam emails

I love the forums here. I learn a lot. I also want to be informed when I buy something from you all (resin, build plates, etc) as well as keep up with news on Formlabs. What I’ve become frustrated with is that every time I look at your store, or load something into my cart for later, your autobot emails me constantly to pester me to buy, buy, buy. It’s annoying and irritating and clogs up my already full inbox.

I can unsubscribe but I’m afraid that would put me off the lists that I do want to be on. I was wondering if you all could maybe tone down (or deactivate) the “abandoned cart” reminders in your ecommerce software. Since you’re pretty much the only game in town for buying resin (I don’t like the experimental 3rd party stuff), it’s not like you have much competition for supplies. Pestering us constantly after we so much as glance into the store seems like a negative customer experience. I know it is for me.

Love the printer, though! It’s currently making its little whirring noises as it happily prints out a set of Han’s dice. What a great tool.



Looked at the form cure once for specs and got 3 emails.

I can understand one reminder for the “abandoned cart”, but I got four.

I hope if enough people agree with this then FormLabs will consider it constructive feedback. A few naysayers aside, this is a good community that helps each other out and stays pretty positive. I’m just mentioning this as constructive feedback that they might want to address and change.

I teach eCommerce and without naming the company :wink: I actually used this as a poor example of marketing. In my case i bought a printer and then got bombarded with adverts for yes you guessed it - a printer. The one thing they didn’t try and sell me was any resin for the machine I bought!

If I may, for the abandoned cart reminder email add 10% discount code. I am sure this little treat will totally change the attitude toward the marketing strategy :wink:

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Hi all – my team and I are responsible for Formlabs’ email marketing strategy :wave:

It sounds like one of our automated campaigns may have been configured a bit too aggressively. Our primary goals for emails like this are to suggest relevant products and make sure nothing you intended to purchase was forgotten about, not to spam or bombard your inbox. We take the permission you give us to email you seriously and wouldn’t want to erode that trust.

We’ll go back to the drawing board and make changes to the way the emails are sent when a cart is abandoned based on this feedback. Thanks for flagging :+1:


Thanks Blake! I figured it was something like that (a too-eager email server). Appreciate you all taking the input.

Same here. Looked at the Form Wash got a several emails.

Agree completely.

I went to the cart to take a look at the price of some resin we would need in a week or so, and then got 2-3 reminders to buy it.

I tried deleting the items from my cart, but then it took that as another visit and kept sending me more reminders.

It was so annoying that I unsubscribed from emails completely and instead bought the resin I needed from one of the re-sellers.

One reminder is ok. Any more is too many and pushes people away.

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