Is there a way to get rid of Formlabs Sales?

It is like car sales style now.


Have you tried clicking “unsubscribe” at the bottom of the email?

None of us like getting SOLD something, my experience with Formlabs has been that they are easy compared to some jewelry stores which is my industry . Remember everybody has gotta make a living, just tell whoever your talking to to go easy on you, besides that rep may just have an answer your looking for

I mean it is like " here is the deal of $500 credit for materials if you upgrade today"

a couple of days later " hi, just want to let you know we will give an extra $150 resin if you upgrade your machine…

“Cool, I do have an issue with my machine printing the model v2 resin…”

“Hold on! please send a ticket to our support team and they will handle.”

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No offense,

I know you are a diehard FL fan or maybe a shareholder.

The annoying thing is they know all your company people and send email address the name to all of us, one by one.

You can always choose to work with a local distributor instead. You might actually get more intimate service that way.

None taken. I am a FL fan. But I’m not a company, I’m an individual user. I’m surprised to hear they’re spamming a company’s address book instead of just the specific registered user of the system. But that might be a function of how the printer was registered. Certainly, none of my contacts have ever complained that they’ve been getting FL emails, so it doesn’t look like FL has ever scraped my contact list.

They can tell me when they start selling resin in 5 gallon cans…

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