Anyone else have terrible sales support?

I’m getting really tired of the terrible sales support that Formlabs offers. The tech support group has been fantastic, especially Nova; top notch specialist. But the sales staff absolutely horrible. Anytime i need order something i usually get minimal to no response. When i call there is never anyone there to answer. I can’t just order supplies online because the company i work for issues POs directly to FL.

This is really frustrating.

anyone else have these experiences?

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Its depends on the country.
For me I can only buy from the local distributor so I have a great experiance, getting the supply within 48 hours.

Maybe there is also a local distributor in your country that works parallel to Formlabs.

Maybe that is the case. We worked with a distributor previously but something happened between them and Formlabs and their contract ended up going sour so i no longer have a local distributor.

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