Formlabs 3L Parts stick to resin tank

We used Gray V4 resin in the first installation of 3L, we made a few prints later. I cleaned the tank and chose clear resin with Reprogram. We added the part made with clear resin and started printing, but now every piece of writing started to stick to the resin tank. We cleaned the tank again and re-installed it. We tested it with Gray V4, the part stuck to the resin tank again, the part could not be printed. Then we cleaned the tank again. We tested it with durable resin, and the part stuck to the tank again.
To explain the current situation in detail:
As soon as the printer starts to print the first layer, the piece sticks to the resin tank and then the mixer starts and the mixer gets stuck and comes off the rails and a piece stuck to the resin tank and the machine fails.
What is the cause and solution of this problem?

First off, I would suggest to use a different tank for each material you are going to print with. When I was new to the 3L I tried to clean the tank and it did not end well…

Hi @alvise,

Sorry for the late reply to this post, but I wanted to make sure that you were able to get in touch with our Support Team to get this problem looked into. Please do submit a ticket if not and they will be sure to help!