Form3 onboarding: "not connected to Internet"?


I power cycled the machine and the problem went away.
Might help someone.


I’m new here but same problem that everyone above has been having since 2019 and apparently still not fixed. OMG, what have I gotten myself into!

Connected instantly to Wifi. Preform says it can see it but another copy of Preform is running. It is not. Have rebooted, power cycled, etc. Same problem. How can you connect to wifi and not to the internet? How can Preform see the device yet not be smart enough to connect to it?

Highly disappointed with the help line experience as well. 24 hour response time? Like it was 1970? So now I just sit here and twiddling my thumbs waiting for help for 24 hours for help on a problem that has existed for 3 years unfixed?

First day and this company is looking pretty sketchy from the new customer view. I’m about an hour from boxing it all up and sending it back.

Not happy. Back to my old printer… that works.

Kevin McKinney
Product Design - Eyewear - Electronic Devices - Plastic Enclosures - Injection Molds - Moldability DFM


If you don’t need the material selection, that is what I would recommend - if you can get your money back, do so. Not worth the hassle, other printers work as good or better for most applications and have WAY lower costs for about everything. And don’t get me started about the Form 3L disaster where they apparently can’t even produce working tanks, and that after multiple delays for shipping the printer itself…