Form 2: wifi does not connect

Hi, I’m trying to configure the wifi network with my new form2, the firmware is updated to the latest version available, and the menu is referred to as the wifi beta version.

The printer sometimes recognizes the wifi network, sometimes not, and if I enter the network password can not get the ip and disconnects.
I tried to change the password and encryption security but the printer does not connect too.

Thanks in advance for your help,
Enrico Da Re


Sorry to hear about the connection trouble. We have a team dedicated to Form 2 help on our tech staff. You can submit a ticket to reach them if you are still having wifi connection issues.


I had many times problem with the wifi i find the solution is to go and shutdown the wifi in the parameter menu and the activate them. And is all ok i do this all 2 days

Our WiFi support is still in beta testing and definitely isn’t working as well as it should. We have some improvements coming in the next few weeks that should really help. In the meantime, try to use ethernet or USB if you are having a lot of trouble with WiFi

Thanks for your answers.
I’m using the USB. I hope to soon be able to use the wify. :relaxed:

Enrico Da Re

When I first set up my Form2 I also had trouble linking to wifi. It would link only intermittently. I was using wireless extenders as my router is a distance from my office and the wifi signal was a bit weak. I found that the Form2 did not like linking through the wifi extenders. I turned off the extenders and moved the Form2 closer to the router and it linked to wifi just fine. I ended up buying a more powerful router and got rid of the extenders. Now everything works great. Sounds like FL has a handle on it though.

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