Firmware 1.17.10/1.18.4 no WiFi

After the installation of the firmware 1.17.10 I have to re-register the Form2 with the WiFi to my home network by every restart of the printer.


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Try re-booting your router - worked for me.

I have noticed the same problem with mine, and I know I’ve rebooted the router a few times due to an unrelated malware scare in the news.


thank you for your answers.

I have re-booting (5x) my router but the Wi-Fi-problem is existing.
Both Form2 with firmware 1.16 -> Wi-Fi-settings saved in the printers, all okay.
Both printers firmware 1.17. -> Wi-Fi-settings not saved in the printers
Wi-Fi disabled “OFF”



Actually just today my Form2 received a firmware update and thus a reboot, and when it came back online, I wasn’t logged in. In fact, I should clarify that in all cases, The F2’s Wi-Fi was actually switched OFF, not just On but unconnected. I definitely remember these settings to be more persistent than this.

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Also the same Wi-Fi-problems with the new firmware 1.18.4 :frowning_face:

back firmware 1.16.8 no Wi-Fi-problems.


Same issue for me. I just got my Form2 last week and have applied 2 firmware updates so far. Both times, after upgrading the WiFi was turned off. Have to turn back on and reconnect to my network including typing in the WiFI password again.

I think that, for security reasons, the password should have to be retyped in the printer every time the wifi connection is turned off. The issue for me is that the connection has not been stable and would drop without warning after a few minutes.

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I have same issue!

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