Select Hidden Wi-Fi Network, Link to Download Firmware, etc

Fired up the Form 2 yesterday, set up a first print, and noted the results here:


  1. Create interface to allow manual name entry for hidden Wi-Fi networks.
  2. Provide some greater level of network diagnostics for Wi-Fi and Ethernet. I work in a “challenging” network environment, and can use any and all information about whether the Form 2 is truly connected in a useful way. The only information I was able to find is that the device got an IP lease.
  3. Put a link somewhere to download the latest firmware. When the machine couldn’t update, the solution was obvious: download the latest firmware and point to it. I wasn’t able to find it, so what could have been an easy fix necessitated a call/email to support. Support was great, by the way, and then sent a link to the firmware promptly, but I could have easily handled that without any intervention.
  4. Provide a manual trigger for the leveling process.

It could be that all those are already available and I just didn’t see them. I am after all just learning the machine. The result of the first print was mixed. PreForm found problems with the stl files and offered to fix them, but I don’t think they were actually fixed, resulting in botched prints. My plan is to fix the files prior to import and give it another go. For the parts that did print, print quality was great.

I could have sworn in the original FW revision on my F2 the “leveling” screen was accessible through the menus. In the latest revision, that seems to have gone away. It should be restored. I bump my printer all the time while opening/closing, etc., and then I always have to wonder if the printer is still level.

I assumed the printer would complain if it was not level, and auto-invoke the leveling procedure, but it’s not even clear to me that it does that. I just noticed the resin in my tank was clearly deeper on the left side than the right. I cranked the left side front foot up and now the resin is level at the front of the tank. So the printer was not level but the leveling procedure did not auto-initiate…

Similar experience. Mine did not ask to level on first boot per the quick-start, which weirded me out, as it was clearly wobbly and not level. I couldn’t find a level process trigger in the menus, so we leveled it using two physical levels, and then the level warning came up on first print anyhow.

Leveling screen came up first time when I got my machine. But every so often it gets stupid and heater does not kick in and it tells me not level and level screen comes up but nothing changes when I try to level. I then restart it and all back to normal. so far this is only consistent error I ever get. The rest of the time pretty much error free.

I remember that the leveling routine did not happen during the initial startup. I was looking everywhere trying to figure out how to initiate it. then I went ahead a started a print job and it appeared then, go figure!

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