Wifi password change

Hey team,
My network administrator has changed the wireless password which has kicked our F2’s off the network. There appears to be no way to enter a new password on the machine/forget the network to start again etc. and enter the new password.

Is there a hidden menu or workaround for this??

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H.A.L.P. @Formlabs

Hey there @Massey3DWS,

Sorry to hear about the connectivity issues you’ve been seeing since the Wi-Fi password changed!

If it’s not too much trouble can you please post a couple pictures of the Wi-Fi settings screen where you’re getting stuck?

In theory, all you should need to do is navigate to the correct network and input the password. I’m not sure what could have changed since it was online previously.

All that being said, I would highly recommend getting in touch with our support team at the link below, as they’ll be able to answer much more quickly and completely than I can here.


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