New Firmware Upgrade what changed?

Where can I find out what changes were made to the newest release? this would be good for both printer firmware and preform when that happens.


Thanks that helps, just wanted to be aware of the changes from yesterdays firmware upgrade.

Do others experience that after a firmware upgrade the touchscreen stops responding until after a power cycle, and WiFi is turned off so you have to go in and re-enable and re-connect?

My screen stopped responding also after update. I pulled the plug and let printer sit for a few minutes and then plugged it back in and then screen responded again. It also forgot wifi password. It always forgets wifi password when it is unplugged from the wall socket. That should be fixed because it is starting to get annoying. I have to unplug the printer often because of thunderstorms here and I don’t want to risk it getting fried and always after restart it doesn’t connect to wifi until I enable it and enter wifi password again.

The print time is at least 20% longer (grey V4) than displayed in preform and printer display.
I reset preform to 2.15 and firmware to 1.16.8 and wait for the problem to be resolved.


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