Update screws up WIFI passwords / Password interface is lame

The latest update screwed up my WIFI password and I had to re-enter it.
Typing this huge sequence on the tiny screen, with no possibility to view the password, and having to press “SHIFT” every time to type a lettre, switching from letters to numbers all the time.

This experience feels so backward…

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Today, the WIFI password was lost again, for no reason : no updates, no crash, nothing.
Had to ender the damned code, with numbers and capital letters, and all.
What’s goind on Formlabs ?

The last Mac system update changed the way that passwords were used in autofill routines so that passwords are now fill in a separate step. I suspect that is going on with the form2 passwords are stored but not properly accessed so that a manual input screen is displayed.

Maybe something to be fixed in the next update?

Windows 10 here

see this reply http://forum.formlabs.com/t/preform-forgets-my-form2/19391/2

The problem is still here.
I can’t remember how many times I had to enter the damnes WIFI code.
Why can’t they just UNDO whetever stupid thing they did to how the network is managed ?

“Still here” means after installing 1.18.10? Because that version does undo the wifi settings change.

I got this message a few days ago from Theo Evans : “I understand that the latest release of the printer firmware did not resolve this issue with the wifi settings being saved. It is anticipated that our software team will have fixed this bug by the next release, coming in early August”.

My firmware is 1.18.4 and there was no warning that a newer firmware was available.
Not sure why, but the printer’s interface requires me to connect to my computer to check for upgrades…Usualy, it is done wirelessly.

Oh well…

OK, 1.18.10 version just went out on Tuesday. Your printer should see it soon, although if it’s having network issues …

Anyways, you could download it directly from that release notes page I linked to. The 2.17.1 PreForm also has some networking bug fixes, so you might want to get that too.

This version fixes the issue with wifi password being forgotten after power cycle.