Form1+ Layer faults

I have a Form1+ thats only 18 months old thats only had about 8 bottles of resin put through it and find I am now getting a lot of banding more so than my FDM printer.

I have just started a new bottle of black resin in a clean VAT and have tried printing a few parts at 0.05mm layer thickness and find the prints have bands in them and the resin seems gritty in appearance. The banding is now on four sides, however its stronger on the x axis than the y axis.

So I did the following to try to ensure I had resolved all the issues at this end as best as I can:

  1. Main mirror cleaned
  2. Galvos cleaned as per FL instructions
  3. New resin filtered after first failed print
  4. VAT cleaned prior to resin being put back into VAT
  5. VAT checked for damage and any ghosting - all clear but part moved to different area just in case.
  6. Spot laser test done and the carrot shaped image was found as with other users.

So with all this done a new print was made and the same has happened, can anyone offer any advise?

Many thanks

Hi Paul,

I am sorry to hear about your printer trouble. At this point, I would recommend checking in with the support team to help you get back up and running ASAP. You can open a ticket here!

In the meantime, I would recommend checking the snugness of the build platform on the carriage arm. You can check this by attempting to wiggle the build platform while it is on the carriage and the lever is down. If you can move the build platform, it would be worthwhile to tighten the screw on top of the handle hinge on the build platform. Some of the older revisions are not adjustable, if that is the case, I would recommend mentioning that in your ticket!



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