Form Cure with Build Platform

Hi there.
I have a quick question: Is that possible to use Form Cure for objects attached on a build platform?
I noticed the turn table of Cure will not work with a build platform, but if the platform is durable against UV and heat (e.g. 60 deg), it would be possible.

The reason why I considered to do this was that when I print objects with a durable resin directly on a build platform, it seems to be easier to remove objects after curing them.

– Akihiko

Hello there!

Thanks so much for taking the time to post. That’s a great question!

There’s nothing really stopping you from using the Platform inside the Form Cure if you’d like to! As you mentioned, there’s no mounting system or anything like that, so you’d have to come up with your own solution for keeping the Build Platform steady.

Additionally, you’ll want to make sure your platform is absolutely spotless before it goes into the Form Cure. Keep in mind that any stray resin still on the platform(even resin mixed with IPA) will cure, or at least get very messy and difficult to remove.

Have you tried putting the BP in the freezer ? I think you’re having a hard time removing the parts because Durable is very flexible before post-curing, and lowering the temperature of the part will increase stiffness.

I personally wouldn’t find it practical to put the BP in the Cure as the risk of curing resin on the BP is high even with thorough cleaning and could lead to printing/adhesion issues down the road.

You could also tweak the Z offset of the printer to decrease the adhesion to the BP but the risk is that it will stick to the tank… you’d have to be in front of the printer for the first dozen of layers or so if you try that.