FORM 3L tank- film always peeling off!

I´m printing mainly dental models flat without supports on the build plattform.

And already after 2-3 prints large parts of the film are missing.

Also occasionally the printer tells me after the second (!) print that the tank has reached its life capacity and needs to be switched.

So the first print turns out fine but as the film starts to peel off more and more models start to fail.

Support kindly sends me new tanks but replacing them every week after a couple of prints is getting tedious and a big waste of resources…

What is going on here? Is this a known issue with the tanks, is there a official statement somewhere?

We’re all having tank issues one way or another. Formlabs confirmed they’re developing a new version but that can take forever :confused:

Here’s a lengthy discussion about this and other 3L pending issues:

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