Brand new cartridge and resin tank LT, fails every print!

I’ve never had this happen to me before – my resin tank apparently expired and the prints wouldn’t separate from the bottom of the tank. I swapped out for a new LT tank and also put in a new Rigid 4k cartridge. Every print has failed so far. The raft also looks stranger than usual. It’s slightly translucent looking and I can see the build plate underneath, so I think it’s thinner than it should be. Is there some kind of recalibration I need to perform?

Hey there Dave,

Thanks so much for taking the time to post here! That’s definitely not printer behavior we like to see!

In this case I would recommend reaching out to our support team ASAP and they’d be happy to lend a hand. It might be as simple as a fresh tank, but it will be good to get their opinion so we can make sure this isn’t a consistent issue.

I’m having similar issues. Three Form2’s, all with new Dental Model cartridges and LT tanks- all three are failing every time after running for two years without any issues…

Dirty optics or a failing laser.

Interesting – I hadn’t considered that. I’m also thinking this could have been a bad resin cartridge. Brand new, it wouldn’t dispense. I then checked the nipple and it was all clogged up with resin. I pulled the nipple and had to use a paper clip to extract the gunk so it would dispense. Here are some interesting photos. The photo of this morning’s print is really strange. It looks like the parts “melted” in some areas. Other parts looked generally close, but still not great.