Formlabs Form 3L - does someone succesfully uses tank v1?

Hi folks.
I’ve been trying to figure out for a while now why almost no printout is working for me. The printer just came back from service. Checked logs, parameters, optics cleanliness, and other things the service department knows about. Apparently everything is ok, but the printouts still fail. After reading this forum, I looked at the opinions of other Form 3L users. I concluded from what they write that the form 3L starts working properly only with resintank v2. Can you confirm this? I also have a second question. Is it possible that the print does not come out even though printabillity is all green?

I was one of the first to receive the 3L and I printed successfully with my very first V1 tray for the full life span of it. But indeed many people had issues with them. I’m now on V2 tanks.

Tank V1 with Draft V2… so far not much issue (beside some tolerance issue) i guess?

(I originally thought we are using V2 tank since we only bought it fairly recently until i saw your post and did a double check…)

No. The matter are wavy prints. They are really uneven. After switching to v2 tanks the problem gone.

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