Version 2 Tank for Form 3 - Any good?

Hi Everyone,
In the end of the last year I have started moving to Form3 ecosystem replacing 2 of my Form2 printers. Needless to say, I am very disappointed with the fact that Formlabs have used me and other customers as better testers. I have pre-ordered Form3L and wonder if I should cancel the pre-order any look somewhere else for a large format SLA printer.
My biggest concern is, while Formlabs advertised Form3 as a low force stereolithography printer, it actually applies more force the the parts than Form2 while separating from the tank between layers, thus the parts’ bases have to be joined together and more supports added than on Form2 in order to prevent them from getting stuck to the surface of the tank and separated from the build platform.
Now Formlabs has released v2 Form3 tank - has anyone tried it? I know it supports additional materials like Grey Pro but I am really curious if the situation with the surface improved - does it actually allow to reduce the supports to the amount advertised initially and prove that it really is low force, not ‘heavy’ force stereolithography?

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