Form 3L aborts print on its own

I’m having a problem with my Form 3L where it just stops printing partway through, with no warnings. It happened on 2 out of 3 of my last prints.

The platform with the partial print is still against the tank ready as if for the next layer, but the LCD screen acts as though the print was aborted (it was not).

There is still resin in a cartridge, and I know it was dispensing properly. Nothing at all in the Activity Log since the print started, and no warnings or errors showing on the printer.

I recently updated to the latest firmware (2.3.0-2063) and never had this problem prior to that.

The last time it happened I had to turn the printer off to manually raise and safely remove the platform. When I turned it back on a single line had been added to the Activity Log for the print “Failed printing on PrinterName”.

Has anyone seen this happen before? I contacted support but want to also reach out here in case someone can shed some light, as I have time-sensitive prints and email support moves at a slower pace than I’d like.

I have this problem a lot of times. It usually happens when the tank life is about to end or when it runs out.

Formlabs had me factory reset the printer. I haven’t done a ton of prints since, but the issue hasn’t come back so far (and I’m still using the same tank). Could be worth a try if this is a problematic issue for you.

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I haven’t had this error for a while now. I think it may have been fixed after the update.

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