Form 2 printed parts with unwanted scallops

I’m using a form 2 and printing with tough 1500. I wash the parts using the standard two bath method. And use the form cure to cure the parts. The parts are between 45 & 60 deg’s orientation. And clocked slightly on the build platform.
When I trim away the supports there are scallops in-between some of the supports. At the top and bottom of the part. Not sure if it’s not enough supports or is there something else going on. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

What are you referring to as the scallops? I have got close to 6L of experience with tough 1500 so far and I have had issues like this before. If you send me the file I can set up the preform file and send it back to see if it is any better.

Look at the bottom, a little to the right. Between the two supports you see a scallop shape. There should be a continuation of the cylinder there.

You need more supports running along that edge. Try .6 with .35 in-between. In preform zoom into the edge and place them as close to it as you can without the support bubble protruding the other side. The other thing you can do is tape up around your current part, fill in the gaps with extra material and cure it with a 405nm laser. Then sand off the excess.

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