How should I orient model to avoid warping?

I have a model I’ve been printing (600+ copies) in Durable straight on the build plate, now I wanted to switch to Tough 1500 for its slightly stiffer properties but I’m having so much problems even getting this thing printed it’s crazy so just to get some parts out I thought I could print with supports but my two attempts results in warping. I reached out to support early this morning (local time) but never heard back from the all day.

My first attempt was having it oriented just like I do when printing on the build plate but with support - that leads to the whole upper part bending up like in the picture. No good. The gap needs to measure 1.6mm, it came out around 2mm.

Next attempt was this - better but one of the edges was again warped.

Before I could print like this without too much issues (I still had a few more random failures) - these parts came out near identical every time.

Can someone help me understand what I’m doing wrong and how I can fix it?

Printer: Form 3B+
Material: Tough 1500

Maybe try adding more custom supports at the bending points, to keep it as best as possible to the platform.
Is it wrapping before, or after wash?

Very difficult to say as I need to get in there with a caliper to measure it and I’ve always measured it after curing.

Hi @Reine,

I certainly agree with @agiorgitis’ suggestion, as adding more or larger support touch points could help anchor the part in place. Narrowing down whether the warping is happening during printing or during post-processing would also help. I would recommend getting in touch with our Support Team in order to identify further adjustments you could make for more consistent results.

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