Form 1 - Problems with layer adhesion

I am new to the form 1 machine, and I am trying to get some successful prints off of one, but having some issues. I am familiar with and have been using Preform with a Form 2, so I have a bit of context to the interworkings of the machine and software.
So far, I have tried five prints using either Grey (FLPGR03) and Flexible resin (FLFLGR01), but both are either not sticking to the bed or are sticking to the bed well, but midway through the print, layers are not adhering properly to the model, and the print fails.
I have filtered and shaken the resin before every go-around and made sure that the Preform settings are correct. I have yet to get one success, so I figured I could use some help!
Let me know if anyone has an idea of what I could try next!

Mark L

If the optics are clear (mirrors, and pdms) then make sure the build platform is clean. Usually if a print doesn’t stick to the build platform and/or starts to fail, is distorted etc. it means the resin is under exposed.

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