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Form 1+ power supply

Hi guys,
anyone can help me? i search a form 1+ power supply for my printer.
Where i can buy it?
thank’s a lot

I bought one on eBay and it works fine. make sure you select the 24V/5A version

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thank’s Dudemeister!!

What is the ampage? and voltage?

look 2 posts above

Many thanks-we can’t get in Uk
Have just bought form 1 and a form1+
All prints are failing in some ay at moment for varying reasons
I’m not an expert -just a dentist trying to print dental models -so once I find golden formula to print dental models
I’m happy
Im using grey v4 and have success if I simply place 2 models on platform but then difficult to get off-?overcuring then she I place vertical on raft a variety of problems arise
Thankfully I have form 3 which is the workhorse -I just wanted back up
Was trying to find some examples of *.ini files for different resins non FL without luck
Although I’m happy to use FL resins -think I’m using wrong resin at moment as I 'm choosing the v4 option but different number
Any advice would be welcomed and put to use
Many thanks

The resins INI files mentioned, are for use with the OpenFL Preform version & firmware.

What some of us found is that, especially with Form 1+, we can simply use already existing profiles with 3rd party resins. Many here are using the ApplyLabWorks resins.

When you buy their resin, it comes with instructions as to which resin profile it should be used, and in general, most of their resins are similar to FormLabs. For example you can use the FormLabs Grey v2 or v3 with AppyLabWorks Grey and get nearly identical results as you would with FormLabs resins.

Search these forums for ApplyLabWorks, and see what others are using.

As for the power supply, the original was a 24V @ 2.5A (60W). The connector is a standard barrel connector with 5.5mm OD and 2.5mm ID.

Hope this helps

Hello here,
The electronic switch at the top of the endless screw broke in my old F1+.
Anyone here already have these issues and know a good spare parts supplier ?
Many thanks