Flexible resin problems, model moving during tank movement, why?

this is my first time with flexible resin … the first problem i found : when platform goes down you clearly see the tank go down slightly (in the video you see very little, sorry) … but is it normal ? video --> https://youtu.be/8yUDihWqr4g

the second (and most important) problem is that when platform go up (and the tank start moving) the model stick to the PDMS (you can see clearly the support movement), I do not think this is normal, and print is not good. --> video here https://youtu.be/VKO5N7-_ZgE

The effect you’re seeing in the first video is the compression of the platform into the tank. For the first couple of layers, the platform is compressed into the PDMS to ensure proper adhesion. Small springs in the tray carrier allow for the compression and this is totally normal unless you start to hear grinding or skipping sounds.

The second video looks to be normal as well. Flexible supports can have a fair bit of give, but they return to their original position. That said, you mentioned you were seeing some issues in the print. Can you upload pictures of your print and your .form file so that we can take a look?

I tried some Durable resin recently and was surprised by how much the print moved during the peel. But it didn’t seem to matter. It’s a completely elastic deformation apparently. It goes back to exactly where it’s supposed to be once the print breaks free of the PDMS. I’m sure all the resins do this, it’s just the squishier ones that make it obvious.

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