Flat parts have inconsistent thickness

I have been trying to print 3mm thick parts using HTV2. The side of the part that is closest to the stage is 3 mm thick but it gets thinner towards the end. I have tried increasing the density of the supports (1.5) and the height of the raft (10 mm) but it does not seem to help. I am printing with a layer thickness of 0.025 mm.

Interesting issue. Does it typically happen on the support side or the other side?

Interesting indeed. Does it just happen for that resin, or others as well? If you filp the model around 180 degrees in the Z axis in Preform, and/or move it to the other side of the build platform, does the thinning still occur in the same spot? Asking to get a sense whether any unevenness in the build platform or subtle inclination in its angle relative to the bottom of the tank might be a factor.

Not sure exactly why you’re seeing this, but you could probably print it entirely vertical at no angle with better results.

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It happens on both sides. It is harder to notice but there is a slight thickness reduction as well.

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I will try with a different resin just to see if I get the same problem. Although, for the application that I want, I need to work with the HTV2. I have already tried printing it on different parts of the platform but the result is the same.

I also tried that, but there are some small holes in the part (0.5 mm) that get completely blocked.

I honestly can’t think of a way for this to happen unless the Z axis is losing steps. It looks like, as the layer count increases the Z-axis step is decreasing. The dimension of significance here is the distance between the build platform and the bottom of the tank as each layer is cured. That shouldn’t change in a non-linear way but the print’s deformation suggests that it does… Try a different object with a profile that’d let you see if this is happening there, too. If it’s repeatable on other objects, I’m going to guess the Z-axis is in need of some cleaning and re-lubricating.

I printed the part in Clear resin V4 and the thickness difference seems to dissapear.