How to get accurate thickness - flat surfaces - form3

Hi There. I’ve been printing with the Form3 for a while now. I have noticed that when printing flat surfaces the thickess always seems to be thicker than designed by at roughly .5-1mm (I need to do some test prints to validate this). After cleaning the part I notice that much of the extra thickness does not seem to be fully cured and the edges are usually pretty rounded, like extra resin is maybe sticking to the surface. The only fix I have found is to design part thinner to compensate or to use an exacto knife to scrape the surface until it is correct.

Is this a common issue, or am I doing something wrong? Any tips would be appreciated. I’ll follow up with some test prints and accurate measurements/pictures as needed.


Hi @Printer3,

Thanks for getting in touch. If the extra thickness is in the Z-axis, i.e. early layers of the print for parts placed directly on the build platform, it may be a good idea to recalibrate the Z-axis (see Fine Tuning Formlabs LFS printers). If any issues persist, or if the extra thickness is on a different axis, I would recommend getting in touch with our Support Team and sharing photos and print files with them for a closer look into this.

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