First try LT Tank-Dental Model Resin


After a couple of prints, I got the same result even with the new optical window… I had someone from the tech guys check the logs of my printer and they said it is the Galvo Mirrors now… I will let you know once I have cleaned those if the issue gets solved… I’m still curious how the inside of the optical window, and the Galvo mirrors that are sealed tight need cleaning after a year for so many printers (they get that a lot from what I heard). Maybe something to look out for when Form 2 gets updated?

p.s. Official quote from the support team regarding Z-Offset:

“Changing the Z-Offset is useful when the base of parts are either too compressed or when parts fail to adhere to the Buildplatform. In this case changing the Z-Offset will not remove the thin layer around the base of parts.”


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