Firmware update left my touchscreen black.... now what?

firmware update left my touchscreen black… now what?

I’ve had several faulty firmware updates, as well.

When my printer froze during the firmware update, the screen was on, but stuck.

I rebooted and started the firmware update again, and it worked the second time.

Probably safest to start a support ticket.

I have the same. Did you solve the issue?

How to force the firmware update when the screen freezes?

If the screen doesn’t turn on after the firmware update completes and reboots the machine, try disconnecting and reconnecting power several times until the loading screen works. On my machine, I have to power cycle multiple times before the touchscreen shows anything other than the backlight and a black screen.

If the firmware update has not completed, do not power cycle the machine, as doing so may brick it and require a service ticket.

I generally give the firmware update a lot of time. But if it seems totally frozen, like 1+ day frozen, then I power cycle the machine.

You can of course start a support ticket, but what are they going to tell you? If the machine is frozen during the firmware update, there’s not much else that can be done.

My impression is firmware updates have become more reliable of late. Perhaps they’ve noticed how problematic they were in the past.

I imagine new machines are still running fairly old firmware versions that had this problem.