Firmware may have messed my printer up

I was printing stuff before the latest firmware just fine. About two weeks ago I updated the firmware and now my resin tank shows “none”, cartridge is “none” and on the temp icon it says “error NaN°C”. Ive re-seated the tank and cartridge multiple times (at least 50 each) and nothing makes it register. Ive rebooted the printer, not sure where to go from here.

try to revert back to the previous pre-form that worked for you.
then open a support ticket including your current machine, resin being used, and operating system… Reverting to previous pre-forms has worked for some after a new update.

Definitely want to echo @sharpknlfe about getting in touch with our support team ASAP. They’ll be happy to figure out what happened and help you get back to printing.

I am having the issues. Not recognizing resin tank, cartridge, and a “NaN” temp error.

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Same error here