Firmware latest update

Printer s firmware pdate (rc-2.2.1-2049) is incompatible with the latest PREFORM version. Then it s impossible to get new firmware version when I click on “Update Firmware” nothig happen, nothing dowlnoaded on preform or uploaded on he printer…what s going on…I am blocked now in muy work planning… How I get back to previous version of preform???

Update on issue : It s preform that is not working…nothing clickable… enven impossible to shut it down…

Hi @poupa,

Thank you for getting in touch about this. It is possible to revert to an older version of PreForm (PreForm downloads and release notes). With that said, you may be able to proceed with the firmware update by selecting the Job Setup panel in the top right, then clicking “Update Firmware” on the right side panel. If any issues persist, please feel free to get in touch with Support for further assistance.

Good to know! - BTW will a new firmware also include the new materials that have come out? We’re not seeing new firmware with the new resins for the wash and cure machines.

Hi @illuminatedRS,

I’m not certain in this case whether the latest materials already have custom profiles. I would ensure that you have the latest version of PreForm installed when updating the Wash and Cure. Even if the latest profiles are not there yet, we are always including updates for new materials. Otherwise, please enter the time (and temperature for Cure) manually for the time being.

This was kind of a heads up… to “LET YOU KNOW” that your team has not updated these things yet… so you may want to remind them…!

This is why we all even brought this up.

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