Firmware Decryption Error

I have a Form2 and I’m trying to set it up for the first time. It requires a firmware update. The current version is 1.13.5-101 and I need to bring it up to 1.16.8. Every time I go to update it, it tells me that there is a decryption error. I have factory reset the system, I used the manual and automatic, over both my network and via the USB cable.

Just wondering if this issue could be my school network causing an issue. I will try downloading it at home to see if it solves the issue. Any input would be welcomed. Do I have to go through each update or can I jump ahead to the latest?

Our PreForm team is looking into this and it looks to be a windows bug that’s constrained to a few hardware specifications. Were you able to get this running after downloading on another machine? That tends to correct this, and we’re working on an update that will serve as a more permanent fix.

After registering the product and waiting about half an hour, I was able to install the update. Used the same machine. It may have been my school network.

Thanks for your prompt reply

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