Firmware bugs?

Hi folks. I’ve noticed a couple of odd behaviours recently, just wondering if others have had the same at any time, or if I may have a machine that needs returning for a fix.

I’ve had to stop a couple of prints, usually because of my placement or orientation decisions. Afterwards the printer attempts a reset. This makes sense, but afterwards communication is lost with Preform and you can’t upload a job without either a full printer reset in the settings, or a power cycle.

I’ve had the screen freeze, no touch sensed after cancelling a print.

I’m had a motor jam, but I know these can happen from time to time.

I’ve had an odd problem where I’ve cancelled a print, gone back a step in the menu and printer has said I missed the opportunity to answer if the print was successful or not.

These all seems like little software and firmware problems to me, I don’t want to think about the number of variables and flags being tracked in there.