Firmware 1.11(.14) is broken - it's overcuring causing swollen dimensions and thick suppport contacts (tested clear 100micron)

/edit - it’s the firmware, see update below/
/edit 2, seems that FL is aware and has pulled Firmware 1.11 for the time being, yesterday my printer auto-updated to 1.11, but now (after downgrading) when I ask preform to check my firmware it tells me it’s up to date at 1.10, earlier in the day it said 1.11 was available, but the link to download was broken/

Was initially pleased by new preform, esp support for high res monitors, however the first print with the new firmware and preform is overcured.

I immediately noticed how much harder it was to get the part of the supports than the same part printed yesterday, and then i noticed the fine holes were constricted, and of course when I put the vernier calipers to it, the dimensions have swelled. The face being measured is supposed to be 10mm…

See the comparison pics below, original part printed yesterday shown first, with two reed switches inserted, and dimension being in quite close tolerance to the specificed 10mm. Compare with the second picture showing the exact same part printed with same supports. That’s now bloated, and the holes are smaller so that reed switches will not longer fit.

I’m trying the same print now with reverted preform 2.9, but if that doesn’t fix it, I’m not 100% sure about downgrading the firmware. I have wireless enabled, and the form2 automatically updates and doesn’t give me the option to skip firmware upgrades its downloaded.

Does that mean I’ll have to disconnect it from wireless if I want to downgrade the firmware??

I downgraded Preform and reprinted the part last night, exactly the same result; part was swollen, holes too small and dimensions increased… So this morning I disconnected the printer from WIFI and plugged it into USB, then downgraded the firmware to 1.9 and reprinted the same part again.

This lastest part is now back to tight tolerence dimensions, and is again as easy to remove from the supports as it was previously.

See that the 10mm face is now measuring very close to 10mm, and the reed switch holes now fit the reed switch again.

@Formlabs, looks like you are missing validation step before you release new firmware.

This seems pretty important. Seems like an official response from Formlabs would be appropriate, since I’m guessing people are “upgrading” to the new firmware, unwittingly.

@Steven_Hines sortof - see updates on first post, FL either figured it out themselves, or saw my post and withdrew the firmware release, the current Firmware is now 1.10

I manually downgraded before they withdrew 1.11, but what about others who auto upgraded before 1.11 was withdrawn? do they get auto downgraded?

What about those that don’t use auto upgrades but manually upgraded? probably a very small number, or none, given that if you’re not auto-upgrading your Form2 firmware it’s probably because you want proven firmware before upgrades.

In any case, yeah an FL response would be nice…

This is concerning. Preform is telling me my firmware is unrecognized and that I should contact customer support

@SheffS4 - so you installed 1.11? I’d recommend downgrading, I’m sure FL support will take you through the exact same procedure as this: it’s simple, although not immediately obvious.

Download 1.10 from the Formlabs release notes page here: - it’s the first clickable link on the page.

Then start Preform with your printer connected, and select “Printers” from the File menu.
Then select your printer and click “update firmware” - it’ll do it’s thing checking and presumably give you the error message you describe (mine says it’s up to date) , but there should also be a “Select File” button under some text titled “Upload firmware to Printer”.

Click “Select File” and choose your 1.10 firmware download from above, and that’s it.

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