Catastrophic Fail immediately after HW+SW Update - Coincidence?

Hi all - I’m putting this out there to see if my recent experience is a solitary event or if others have experienced this.

I literally had a successful print this morning of a few small pieces. Later this morning when I came back the printer screen asked to update its firmware, which I approved. It now stands at “rc-1.10.4-49”. I used this opportunity to also allow the Preform update which I’d been postponing a few days - to version 2.91.

Not long afterward I started a new print, using the same settings, tray, resin, everything as the earlier successful print before the updates. Not long into the print I could see some parts were failing, so I aborted the print.

I found more than half the items had been pressed so firmly into the PDMS that there was no way to get them off without losing some silicone. And how!

The odd thing is that the print apparently started out okay - the shapes you see dug into the PDMS are NOT the bases, but cross-sections of the print and supports well along the print. Around the edges of some of the gouged areas were what is called “crazing” in acrylics - a cloud of microscopic hairlike artifacts radiating from a point of undue stress. This indicates to me that the prints must have been pushed into the PDMS REALLY firmly. I’m at a loss right now, both diagnostically and, unfortunately, financially. This was the tray I had JUST received as a replacement for an earlier issue (bad chip). Really trying not to take this personally. Anyone in Formlabs or otherwise have any ideas about this?

Yikes, that’s a level of over-compression that I haven’t seen before. I encourage you to get in touch with our support team so we can help troubleshoot what caused this and determine if other users are having similar issues. If you could mention the Firmware and PreForm versions in your ticket, that’ll help to speed things up and if the over-compression was a bug on our end, we’ll help to get you a new one.

Thank you, I just did that! Fingers crossed…

Did the printer some how start to print the models upside down or mirrored where the support base is on the opposite side? Looks like it started with the last layers first.

Last question, is this a Form1 or 2?

It’s a Form2, and they all printed correctly from the start with the base against the build plate:

I looked in on the print and noticed that the object at the center of the photo would stay in the resin tray when the build plate lifted. You can see the PDMS severely and securely stuck to it from when I tried my best to remove it. :frowning:

Almost looks like the resin was over exposed which would cause it to stick to the pdms. Maybe the exposure was changed or defaulted to a wrong setting ie black or tough that use a higher setting vrs the gray you have?

I agrea with @KenCitron.
What resin are you using.

I’m still using the same FunToDo gray resin in Open Mode that I’ve been using for a few weeks now. I used it with the old “damaged chip” resin tray without issue, and at least twice with the new tray that replaced it. I can guarantee that I kept the Preform settings on FL Gray V2 as I’ve done all along. I also squeegied the PDMS clean and stirred the resin as I always do, which is vitally necessary with FTD resins.

I’m not married to the idea that it was the firmware/app updates that caused it, I may have overloaded the build plate, I may need to sand it or lower it, any number of equally-plausible causes. But it’s the extremely coincidental timing - print success just before the updates, print fail just after - on the same day - that I can’t rule out or dismiss out of hand. Apparently Formlabs agrees with me, because they could have easily said “I’m sorry Dave, but it can only be attributable to human error” but they are, in fact, sending me yet another replacement tray. I can’t speak well enough of these folks.

Still, I’ll be buying one or two trays on my own (and some Elastocil 601!) to hedge against any future “malfunctions”, on my part or Formlabs’. It seems to go with the territory. :slight_smile:

Ahh 3rd party resins and blends are tricky and must take some good experimentation to get them perfect.
I initially thought you were using FL standard resins. Had me scared to update my machine :slight_smile:

ive been printing dozens of prints for a straight month of the same models on 2 Form 2 machines with black v2 resin and apart from the occasional janky cartridge / tank errors that Formlabs seems to not be able to get right, they have been about 90% success rate. Until i did the firmware upgrade last week just as you described on both machines and now i am having 100% failures. one printer will just give a " print error " with no code as soon as i hit print and on the other machine it just completely fails the print after the base layers. So disappointed. not just from the wasted time, but over the last week i have lost about 2 full cartridges of resin and a build tray from the failed prints.

I decided to live dangerously and switch to my clear resin and tank, not knowing if the same thing would happen again. The print did indeed fail after a bit, but it appeared to be a manual support issue and it peeled off the PDMS without incident. What was interesting was when I hit “Pause” then “abort”, the screen replied “There was an error aborting your print”. Fortunately it went back to Paused, not to printing, and this time when I hit “Abort” it did. But this was unexpected. I figured if there was anything a machine could do without having to think on it too much, it’s stop!

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