Finally a printable solution to removing small parts!

I just read the Preform 2.3.0 release note. Finally a printable solution to removing small parts.

  • Updated support bases
  • Chamfered edges make removal easier from all angles

Some of my small parts would not generate Release Tabs or on my circular parts the Release Tabs were not accessible because they were on the inner circumference. The new Chamfered edges are a brilliant way to some this. THANK YOU!!!


I am stuck trying to install preform 2.3.0, installer tells me preform is running…I removed the previous version, still no success…
Any idea?

I’m having the same problem with installing the 2.3.0. version.
Have send a ticket to support this morning.
Waiting for an aswer

First download, upon opening PreForm I got a message stating that there is a newer version available. I have 2.3.0; the new version is 2.3.0. Seriously guys, have you worked for Microsoft in the past?

I renamed the file frome preform.exe to preform 2.3.0.exe and install works…

Yes , I have renamed it and it is installing now.

Kind regards


Thanks everyone. The name of the download is now set correctly and I’ve updated our publishing system so that it gets set correctly in the future as well.


Interesting, I installed it on my Mac without issue.

Me too - Mac Powerbook 17inch OSX El Capitan worked fine

Glad you’re enjoying the update, Marty. Quite a bit of design and testing went into the new bases; we’d love to hear your thoughts on the angled edges and new release tabs after a few prints.

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After printing a few small parts I’m really pleased with the new removal edges for removing smaller parts. I’m looking forward to printing some larger parts.

Another +1 to the new bases. Makes removing parts much easier.

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