Old PreForm, pre clear 2.0 update

Does anyone have a copy of PreForm before the update for clear resin 2.0? I literally have to chisel pieces off of the build platform and I’ve injured myself a couple times. I just want the old update back it worked great for us and FormLabs has been no help.


I have this versions:

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Edit: Marcus was a little faster :wink:

I have Prefrom 1.6 - 1.8.2 Not quite sure when the V2 update came, but probably 1.6 is your best bet. Though I don’t understand why you would want a version without the V2 clear option. Clearly you should use the V2 settings voor V2 resin. Using different settings can be done in the current Preform, so that doesn’t really make sense…

As far as I have noticed the clear V2 hasn’t become harder to remove from the build platform since any recent update. Yes, V2 is harder remove than V1, but the “quick release” tabs help enormously.

I don’t want to get rid of the V2 option, they just changed something in the latest update that has made it tremendously hard to remove from the build platform, the tabs don’t work anymore. It’s whatever the version before the latest is…how could I get it from you guys? It would be appreciated!!

That would be Preform 1.8.13

You can get all the downloads here. I’ll leave it up for a couple of days. So just download and save all the files if you need a different version.

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Make the base thinner. I routinely print with a 1.5mm base, the minimum PreForm allows. I find the thinner base makes it a lot more flexible and easier to pry off. You just need to be careful not to deform the model by bending the base too much.

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