Failed Prints with White V4

I have not been able to complete any successful prints with a new White V4 Resin cartridge in a new resin tank. In both batches of parts, the supports separated from the part during printing, pulling with it small chunks of material from the part itself. Additionally, one of the parts experienced a major crack during print. All these cracks and separation were observed prior to removing the parts from printer and the build platform.

The resin tank was checked afterwards for partially-cured resin chunks and none were found. The bottom of the resin tank remains unblemished.

Of note, I have printed about 50-100 consecutive batches of parts previous to this batch without a single print failure. This was my first time using V4 resin instead of V2. I believe there was also a firmware upgrade prior to this print.

The support settings used were the defaults in PreForm: Density 1.00, Point Size 0.70 mm.

I am reprinting the parts on a V2 clear cartridge that I have.

Any tips would be appreciated.

Failed print photos here: Failed Print Photos.pdf

The issue there is that there isn’t enough support for that type of object, it has a large surface area on many of the layers so it takes more force for it to separate it after each layer, so it needs more supports to keep it stable. usually the automatic support placement is not good, so it’s better to do it manually and spread out the supports more to make it stable.

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