Failed Print with bits floating off - should I waste the resin

I have a Proform 2 (new purchase) using gray resin.

I have run 3 successful print runs, but have just aborted one where 5 of 9 things failed and have floated off. 2 small pieces seem ok and 2 32mm high pieces seemed to be ok when I aborted.

The 5 that failed were larger and doing ok then broke of the bed at various stages, leaving lumps in the resin pools, while the supports stayed put on the plate.

I have cleared out the lumps as best I can, but the remaining resin seems gloopy/lumpy and the base of the tank seems to have cured resin stuck to it. What should I do!?

It seems a very quick turn around from new to fail and wasting the expensive resin and print bed seems like throwing a lot of money down the drain…

The failure could be due to a variety of reasons, but I would guess that improperly supported models/high stress during peel are your likely culprits. If you post a picture of the file in preform that would help.

@JasonSpiller is correct, failures can happen for any number of reasons. upload your .form file here so people can take a look and give suggestions as far as orientation, supports, etc.

Also after any failure with bits of hardened resin floating in the tank you should strain the resin with 190 micron paint strainers. See the following link for more information on that.

Adding on to what @kevinduhe mentioned, we do have an official guide on our support site for filtering resin. If you upload your .form file or post screenshots, I’m sure people here will be happy to help out. If you think it’s an issue with the printer or software, it never hurts to get in touch with our support team so we can track issues and help troubleshoot for you.

I use a windows screen in a metal frame to filter the resin from tank to tank.

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