Extensive Freezing/Locking Up of the Form 3 Series

Hey there - We just did an exchange for one Form 3 printer which had significant freezing problems some examples:

-would freeze when we would plug in the USB
-when we would start uploading parts
-while it would be filling with resin
-freezing on the first layer
-freezing midway through a print

The “freezing” consists of the screen locking up and then we need to unplug the printer (because there is no power switch) and boot it back up to attempt to restart the print. This problem has occurred on approximately 40% of the prints on the previous Form 3 (which we had for about two years of operation).

When we just replaced that Form 3 with a refurbished one, it has since frozen twice in the past 10+ print jobs. Our new Form 3+ has frozen 6 times in the past 8 print jobs.

The fact that it is freezing when the job has been completely uploaded (and not plugged into a government computer) makes me believe there is something that is causing the internal processor to lock up. It as if there is not enough internal RAM to process the job as well as the GUI/touchscreen so it just locks up. The printers are on their latest version and Preform is upgraded.

This does seem to be a problem isolated to the new Form3/Form3+ line of printers because we have had excellent service lifetime of our refurbished Form 2 printer (thousands of hours of running over 4+ years and I cannot recall a single time it froze).

Any advice to mitigate or solve these freezing problems would be great because as it stands we might need to do another exchange of the Form 3+

Matt M

Hi Matt. I’m also a Matt.
I’m working at the University of Arizona, and I have two working Form3B at my disposal. I can print in Surgical Guide and Tough1500 right now. I haven’t had any ‘freezes’ of the screen. I had one on my old Form2 and we believe the cache with all the old prints was full, so we purged it and it never happened again. That’s my only experience with it. But since this has happened on both your old printer and your refurbished, perhaps the common problem might be the program itself. Would you be willing to share your design with me. I can attempt to see if I have the same ‘freeze’ on my printers.

Hi @MattMullin,

I’m sorry to hear you’ve been running into issues with your Form 3s freezing. I see you have Contacted Our Support Team, they will be able to better investigate and identify what may be causing this issue.

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