Edges of printing model not perfect

I noticed that my printing model is not perfect, some edges are damaged specially the circular shape (see picture enclosed).
Do you have an idea where that is coming ?
thank you in advance

Which way is the object oriented?

You’ll see that near support points typically. were there points there?

The Form 2 seems to have a big problem with the first layers near the building plattform. Even with support points edges will get round or details get lost.
Around supporting points edges look like a pagoda roof.
These problems makes the printer nearly unusable for my purposes. If someone knows a solution, please let me know.

That’s due to the laser going through the print and curing extra resin, any downward facing surfaces will end up with extra resin cured on them and resin also accumulates around where the supports contact the print so they get extra material cured around them. The first picture though is that the edge is parallel to the platform which means the layer has large parts that are unsupported, to avoid that it’s best to angle the part slightly so that it starts at a corner and builds up.
For best results, it’s good to keep those issues in mind when you orient a part so that any important details don’t end up facing down, and that any places you have to put a support structure are places that you can easily sand away.

Thank you for your explanations.

The problem is: most of my parts are symmectrical and most of the time important details are facing downwards. And if I angle the part I will get support points - or should I better say support bulges? - at the sideward plain surfaces. This is no satisfying solution.

In that piece I would have the corners on the right angled down so the round part would be angled up, most of the supports would be on the bottom edge which should be easy to clean. The only issue I can see is like you had in the other thread where the support structure on the inside that helps to keep it stable would end up fusing to the inside walls because it will end up too close but I would think it would still be fairly easy to clean those up.
In certain cases it can help to lengthen the bottom where the supports will connect and then sand them down to the length you need after printing. If you can put supports on any area that doesn’t have details then that makes it easier to sand those areas away–with this type of printing you can’t avoid having to do cleanup to remove the supports since the supports are the same material as the object.
So part of trying to get good results is figuring out how you might design a part or orient a part so that you can get details facing up mostly and to get supports on areas that are easy to sand down without destroying details.

Yesterday, I printed the same part with the new PreForm release 2.7.0 with 0.3 mm support points, lengthened bottom and some extra points at the bottom edges (clear resin), but with the same angle.

Chapeau, this ist the first print of a bigger part that I am satisfied with. No support touching of walls, sharp edges and a smooth surface. A big step forwards!

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