Draft resin tank gets cloudy after sitting unused for a few days (in the Form3 enclosure)

Hi! Our Form3 draft resin tank resin has a cloudly/milky appearance. Even after a print is finished, there is sometimes a majority gray color and some white/light resin (meaning it was mixed beforehand). I try to swirl it around with the appropriate tool, it goes away, but I am concerned. Does the draft resin normally get milky/cloudly after sitting for a few days in the resin tank, in the Form3 (closed of course)? Could it be possible IPA cross contamination from the build plates side gaskets after being submerged (partially) in the Form Wash? I am following the user instructions provided for the devices and can’t seem to find anything about resin/IPA getting in between the side edges of the build platform. I am concerned and would appreciate your help!

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